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As a feature of cancer, eccDNA is emerging as its ubiquitous existence in human cancers and the crucial role in oncogene amplification and tumor evolution.

Here, we developed eccDNAdb, which aims to acquire known and novel eccDNAs in cancers by computational analysis of whole-genome sequencing (WGS) data, and to annotate and illustrate their potential role in human cancer. We downloaded and analyzed WGS data derived from a total number of 3395 tumor samples including patient tissues, cell lines, and patient-derived xenografts (PDX). Finally, 1270 eccDNAs from 480 samples were detected and included in the database. A total number of 54901 genes were found entirely or partially overlapping with these eccDNAs. Multi-omics data from other data repositories, such as TCGA and CCLE were integrated into eccDNAdb, thus providing database users with an efficient and convenient way to investigate the biological function and clinical outcome of eccDNA genes.

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Peng, L. et al. eccDNAdb: a database of extrachromosomal circular DNA profiles in human cancers. Oncogene (2022).